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Ian Ingram
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Mid-Ocean School of Media Arts

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Since offering our first full-time programme and part-time courses in 1995, MOSMA has enrolled students from all over Canada and around the world. Our curriculum is built to deliver “career standard” skillsets through intense hands-on training with small class sizes and individual attention from our faculty. Our resources are always available to our students during their studies and for the duration of their careers as alumni.

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Ian Ingram
Outreach Coordinator

Contact Information
Ian Ingram
Outreach Coordinator
Phone: 204-775-3308

Over 25 Years of Sound Education


Important to a solid curriculum and strong faculty is exposing students to industry professionals through mentorships, lectures and workshops, and providing our graduates with ample resources and opportunities; helping them transition into the industry. In tandem, MOSMA has the privilege to build strong relationships with our local arts community and maintain involvement with many outreach programs. These are all elements of our continued success.

Audio Studios

At our main Erin Campus, we have dedicated studios used throughout the Audio in Media programme. Large Recording Studio (Music Production), 5.1 Mixing Suite (Sound for Visual Media & Music), and a smaller Recording Studio (Dialogue/Smaller Foley projects)

Audio in Media Program

In the Audio in Media (full-time) programme, students are technically trained in the 4 main fields of Audio Production: Music Production, Sound for Visual Media (Film/TV/Game Audio), Live Sound, and Radio Production. In the final term (Term III), students choose 2 of the 4 to gain advanced training and work experience with MOSMA Industry Partners in their chosen fields.

Audio in Media: $19,900.00 only (taxes and materials included). There is available parking along the street parallel to the school. Transit is the students’ expense, though they are eligible for post-secondary student passes. Our Part-time courses vary in hours and cost; though they all include taxes and material.

The Audio in Media programme is intensive. Because our programme is vocational and focuses on specialized training specific to Audio Production; it lends itself to an enjoyable, therefore, healthy student life on campus where students are surrounded by like-minded individuals. Though students may be experiencing hardship in their lives outside of school, one of the benefits of MOSMA maintaining a low intake is to ensure that we prioritize our students’ needs and that we ensure proper support is available to them should they require resources for their situation. Beyond our daily check-ins with students, we have regular reviews where we sit with each student independently and discuss how they are coping with the programme and the course load and allow them the opportunity to express progress and improvement as well as critique; we determine any assistance they require and work with them to improve those areas. We also have a Student Advisor who maintains a neutral presence and who students feel they can approach for guidance and resource in confidence.

International Students

We offer information to each international interest about Canada, Manitoba, and the City of Winnipeg (where we are located), the standard of living, housing costs & resources, amenities such as food and transportation, and entertainment. As well as the process of their study permit and what to expect pre-arrival and post-arrival. We arrange for them to tour the school once they’ve arrived and have met the faculty.

Class Sizes

We offer small class sizes for the purpose of enhanced one-on-one and hands-on learning. For students that have more focused needs, we first meet with the student and, if applicable, parent to discuss any special needs. We ensure an instructor accommodates their expressed needs and schedules regular reviews and extra lab time to ensure they understand and are comfortable with the material being presented. This has been very successful for us and why one of the reasons we maintain a small teacher to student ratio for all our courses.

Student Life

We strive to offer a safe, creative, and inviting place for students, faculty and visitors. We encourage students to treat this as a place to get away from the outside world and to focus on training for a career they truly enjoy and have fun and create long-lasting friendships with their peers.

MOSMA is located in Winnipeg, which we believe to be a great balance of both.

We are centrally located where there are plenty of rentals available ranging from apartments to shared housing.

There are always opportunities to meet new people, join groups, and make new groups. Students are introduced to many of their peers from the very start of the programme and throughout.

Students naturally organize activities together like movies, live events, and even workshops offered by local not-for-profit organizations. Thankfully most entertainment is in the realm of what they are training for and benefits them as more than entertainment but as a mutual, social and educational interest.

Early in the programme we introduce students to peers and resources and encourage them to interact and become active and aware of connections within the community. We actively post various events and opportunities on our school bulletin, verbally, and via our social media pages.

Contact M O S M A for an in-person tour or virtual tour or for our open house on May 13, 2021

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