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MOSMA is a Registered Private Vocational Institution located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, with focused technical training in Sound Engineering.

We are proud to be the only long established Audio Production Institute in the Central Prairies and our growing industry looks to us for audio talent.

Our Diploma Programme is tailored to allow students the benefit of small class sizes, offering quality time for hands-on practical training and individual attention from faculty and mentors. These same methods are applied to our part-time courses and workshops where students are immersed in practical activities to offer a foundation to our full-time programme, encourage creative ways to explore careers in audio, or create a customized curriculum for professional development.

At MOSMA we strive to maintain a safe, diverse, and creative environment for our students and welcome individuals from all walks of life to join our thriving community and become part of a vibrant and creative industry.

AUDIO IN MEDIA – 1 Year Diploma Programme

The Audio in Media programme is designed to give students the necessary theoretical and practical training to enter the Audio Production Industry. Our one year full-time diploma programme trains students in the main fields of audio: Music Production, Sound for Film and Television, Sound for Video Games, Radio Production, and Live Sound.

Term One: Audio Production Concepts & Technology introduces students to fundamental concepts, vocabulary, and various hardware and software technology in audio production.

Term Two: Mentorships & Production Intensives introduces professionals in the industry through mentorship. Term two concludes with Production Practicals in all audio production fields.

Term Three: Electives & Work-Experience allows students to choose two focused fields of audio production developing advanced skills gained through extensive work and “on the job” experience with our practicum pathway partners.

AUDIO IN MEDIA – Three Terms Explained

Term I: Audio Concepts & Technology

Term One equips students with a solid understanding of the concepts and tools necessary to capture and manipulate the quality of sound. Students will participate in theoretical discussions and demonstrations led by the instructors, but will step outside of the classroom daily to get their own hands-on practice. In this term, students will work with professional studio musicians to gain more insight into recording practices for many different instrument types, leading into student-led recording sessions with local artists, allowing students to gain work experience and start building connections in the industry. This term also sees students beginning to learn different recording techniques used in the film, video game, and radio industries to prepare them for mentorships and larger projects later in the year.

Term II: Mentorships & Production Intensives

Students will move into Audio Production Mentorships in Term Two gaining advanced training and valuable insight from professionals in the industry through mentorship. Mentors will guide students through their area of expertise demonstrating current production techniques and offer valuable insight to their field of practice. Through production intensives, students will take their learned knowledge of concepts & technology previously learned and apply them to more specialized fields of audio production each to be evaluated.

Term III: Electives & Work-Experience

Term Three sees students choosing two of the major streams of audio to focus on and conduct more demanding and independent projects, such as booking and recording a band, creating and mixing sound for film, creating radio advertisements, or implementing sounds into a video game using the software Wwise by Audiokinetic. This term also includes off-site work experience with our industry partners. This can include working in any of the local studios on commercial music or film projects, working with our radio station partners, or working at one of the local production companies on live sound for concerts or events. In the final week of this term, we bring industry representatives and guest lecturers to guide students in portfolio development and career planning.

Tuition & Financial Planning


Tuition for the Audio in Media programme is $19,900.00; this includes all books & supplies. Mid-Ocean School of Media Arts is a registered Private Vocational Institution under The Private Vocational Institutions Act; as such, students are eligible for funding options to assist with their educational training.

Please contact our admissions office if you require assistance or have questions regarding financial planning.

Part Time Courses

Our part-time evening courses are a great way to prepare for our Audio in Media programme and also very popular among home recordist and musicians alike. They provide a great balance of instructional and practical training.

MOSMA works with many school divisions and organizations within the central prairies to present the audio industry to students while still in school.

We are excited to offer these classroom workshops both in-person and virtually, allowing us to assist with education while following safety protocols and to reach individuals we haven’t been able to before.

We’ve found many young people are excited by the opportunity to learn more about topics such as music production, sound for film, sound for video games, and radio production. We’ve had a great deal of success in working with teachers to create a specific program tailored to their curriculum. Notable workshops we’ve offered have been on topics like recording vocals for a song, mixing music, recording and creating sound effects for video games, and mixing effects, music, and dialogue for film.

We’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to create longer curricula for programs such as with Seven Oaks CVE, working together for multiple weeks to give students a more thorough understanding of these topics.

We also offer various customized professional development modules relevant to individuals currently working within the creative industry who require more focused curriculum based on developing advanced skill in a particular area or updating their skill with certain programs or concepts, and within a flexible schedule that fits their lifestyle. For information on our workshop series or professional development modules, please contact outreach@midoceanschool.ca.