Brandon Career Symposium

Brandon’s Annual Career Symposium With a Twist

That’s right – We’re going virtual!
April 20th + 21st, 2021

Event organizers may have thought that trade shows were about to disappear altogether but the fact is, trade shows are perfect candidates for virtualization! And as event technology advances and people become more and more familiar with a digital format, the benefits of a virtual trade show become abundantly clear.

To help you successfully navigate this relatively new space, we’ve put together everything you need to know to enjoy our LIVE virtual Career Symposium. As we get closer to the event, we will keep this information as up-to-date as possible.

This ultimate guide will break down:

● What is the Virtual Brandon Career Symposium?

● The benefits of being virtual
Live chat options for Networking opportunities, product demos, downloadable resource materials
Scheduled video/audio sessions
No distractions

● The main features of our event

● Services to take advantage of

● Where to start

● And why you should participate in the Virtual Brandon Career Symposium



Join us for an interactive online experience – April 20 + 21, 2021

Live Speakers
Live Q + A ‘s
Interactive Web Pages


Learn about educational and career opportunities specific to Manitoba and the surrounding area. Discover new ideas for your future and find all the information you need to set yourself up on the path to success.


Get chatting! We will be holding interactive Q+A’s with exhibitors from Post Secondary Education Facilities (Universities, Colleges, + more), skills and trades, arts, culture, business, government, public administration, human services, science, technology, and more. The Virtual Brandon Career Symposium will give you access to network with people from every industry.


Get access to new or unknown opportunities in Manitoba – Job opportunities, volunteer positions, training, education, associations, and more. Grow your network in more ways than imaginable for your optimal future.

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“Dreams are extremely important.

You can’t do it unless you imagine it.”


About Us

The 2019 Career Symposium expanded in excitement, opportunities, and new features. As we work towards building another exciting event for the 2021 Symposium, we invite you to follow us on Social Media to continue with your ongoing personal growth and development and find out all the information you need, as soon as it’s available.

The Brandon Career Symposium offers informative and interactive displays, the chance to meet with leading representatives in business and education and discover educational and career paths.

Who Should Attend?


Explore the future of your education and various the careers available in Westman and the surrounding area. BCS offers opportunities to discover your post-secondary education in Canada.

Career Seekers

BCS offers opportunities to network, grow your communication skills, build your resume and meet potential employers. Join us to explore possiblities and engage with the community.


New to Brandon or Canada? Discover careers available in and around the Westman region. There will also be professionals available to help with your resume and communication skills.

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