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Speaker Schedule

During our 2 day online event, join us on our live feed for a mix of videos and live presentations introducing you to the different options available for your career paths.

On the day of the event, we’ll have a button at the top of our website that will take you to our live feed, hosted on Microsoft Teams.

Learn about your future opportunities

Post-Secondary Education

Check out our post-secondary education exhibitors. We have a large collection of Western Canadian colleges and universities to share with you!

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Future Careers in Different Industries

We’ve compiled our exhitors into industry categories. Check out the link below and explore different opportunities and industries you’ve never thought of.

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We’ve broken up our content into two feeds this year to give you options to watch throughout the event. Join us on Feed A or Feed B throughout our two day event, for different opportunities to hear information about future career options and how to get started.


Interact with live exhibitors on Feed A. Listen to live speakers, presentations, tours, demo’s and more and get involved with our Q+A during the event – plus, visit their virtual booth for more information and resources.


Looking for information on different industries? Enjoy Feed B at your own pace and watch videos from different exhibitors and connect with them via their contact information, resources and more at their virtual booth.

All of the content from our 2-day event will be available on our website for 365 days!

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Career Exploration Worksheets

We’ve built a few resources to help students and job seekers prepare for our event. These worksheets will help you discover the different values and skills that you have to help you find an industry or organization that you vibe with.

Meet Our Exhibitors

Check out the resources we have from the following exhibitors.

Sponsor and Exhibitor links are clickable and will take you to their resources.

Values + Preferences

What aspects of work do you believe to be the most important? What do you find rewarding?


Find out what gets you excited about your future – what motivates you about life?


Discover more about your dream careers. What kind of salary will it have? What kind of skills do you need?

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to Everyone Involved

Thank you to our attendees, teachers, students, newcomers and career changers.

Thank you to our amazing exhibitors.

We would also like to thank Greg Sherris and his team of students from Assiniboine Community College’s brand new Centre for Creative Media.

Thank you to Mike Lamb and Cameron Elder for hosting our event – and thank you to The Brandon Career Symposium Board and Leann Bower (Event Coordinator) and Shelby Mymko (Event Developer).