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Holly Shimaro
Acting Coordinator
Student Recruitment and Pathways
Email: recruitment@mitt.ca
Phone: 204-989-7353
Website: mitt.ca

Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology

Skills, Trades, Manufacturing x Transportation

MITT provides innovative pathways to quality high school, post-secondary education, and apprenticeship training in partnership with industry and the communities we serve.  MITT is dedicated to ensuring that graduates can successfully transition to employment or further education.

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Meet the Speaker

Holly Shimaro
Acting Coordinator
Student Recruitment and Pathways

Introducing Manitoba’s Institute of Trades and Technology

Start Here

To Get There

We offer more than 25 post-secondary certificate and diploma programs to learners looking to start or continue their career training or education. Our strong industry relationships enable us to develop programs that teach in-demand skills, including work practicum placements, and position our students for successful employment upon graduation.

Whether you want to be an electrician or a software developer, a hairstylist or a pharmacy technician, MITT has you covered for these and many other exciting career opportunities. Start here to get there.

Our Programs and Areas of Study

MITT offers a wide variety of programs in Business & Information Technology, Health Care, Human  Services and Skilled Trades; They also offer Post-Graduate programs in Business, Human Services, Leadership, and more!

For a full list of the programs offered at MITT, please visit: https://mitt.ca/programs/post-secondary-programs

From high-demand career opportunities to affordable tuition and shorter academic programs, MITT has several popular courses. Their Industrial Mechanics/Millwright program is the only program of its kind in Winnipeg and is a level 1 apprenticeship (this accreditation gives you the opportunities to progress into leadership and management roles, or even start your own company). The academics at MITT hit more than just the job at hand, they also train their students the soft-skills that are included in different types of careers.

Industrial Mechanics/Millwright program: https://mitt.ca/programs/post-secondary-programs/41/Industrial-Mechanic-Millwright

The Hairstyling Program is another favoured course – not only is the tuition affordable, it also includes a full-service salon learning environment, product knowledge and sales skills, customer service, appointment management and more! Learn more about MITT’s Hair Styling program: https://mitt.ca/programs/post-secondary-programs/39/Hairstyling

How does the application process work?

Applying for Manitoba’s Institute of Trades and Technology is made easy.

First things first, decide which program you want to take!

With many interesting and rewarding programs available, there are different entrance requirements depending on what you are planning to take. It’s always important to make sure you have read into the program that you are interested in and have done some research to match your personality, abilities, interests and goals to the industry you are planning on entering. Please check out the information on the How to Apply page (Canadians and Permanent Residents): https://mitt.ca/admissions/how-to-apply-canadians-and-permanent-residents

How to Apply – International Students: https://mitt.ca/admissions/how-to-apply-international-students/

MITT’s program applications open nine months before the program start date and close two months before the program begins. All applications are processed on a first come first serve basis – as long as your application is filled out in full and you meet the requirements. 

Application Tip: Apply early! With the popularity of the MITT programs, some fill up fairly quick – It’s best to apply as early as possible to get your name on the program list.

Student Advisors x Supports

Every educational experience is different, but student advisors and supports that the school supplies are essential to striving for a healthy educational experience.

Student advisors provide an atmosphere of trust so you can feel free to talk about your situation in complete confidentiality – their main goal is to help you succeed and have a meaningful educational experience while developing your skills for your future goals.

The Student Advisors at MITT are the best resource on campus for students to talk about their personal and academic intentions. MITT Student Advisors are full of knowledge and experience in all categories throughout the institute and have ample amounts of wisdom to share with their students.

MITT has a Student Success Centre that equips their community of students with exclusive services and amenities, including study spaces, access to computers and printers, career development, mental health services and more.

COVID-19 brought in new student supports such as a Virtual Study Hall that gives students a place to study independently but also take breaks and chat with friends. Their goal is to stimulate a campus common area where students would normally study together.

For more information on Student Supports please visit: https://mitt.ca/student-services

For more information on International Student Supports please visit: https://mitt.ca/student-services/international-student-resources

Funding, Bursaries, Scholarships x Awards

MITT is well-known for their affordable tuition fees. Although prices vary between different programs, an average yearly tuition is $5250 – this includes your courses, supplies and textbooks.

To see a breakdown of program costs, please visit: https://mitt.ca/current-students/tuition-fees

As an accredited institution, all of MITT’s programs are eligible for Manitoba Student Aid: https://www.edu.gov.mb.ca/msa/applying-for-student-aid/

MITT works efficiently to provide bursaries, scholarships, and awards for all of their programs and for a diverse selection of students. New this year is the MITT Covid-19 Essential Worker Entrance Bursary – there are ten $1000 Essential Worker bursaries for students who were or are employed in essential services areas since March 2020.

With several of their own Scholarship opportunities, MITT also encourages students to apply for outside scholarships – and they give you tips on how to look for them! Search for scholarships specific to an industry or program of study or for other interests and activities in your life. For a list of free resources, please visit: http://mitt.ca/awards

For more information on all Scholarships, Bursaries, and Awards, please visit: https://mitt.ca/student-services/student-finances-and-funding/mitt-bursaries-scholarships-and-awards

Life on Campus

MITT campus life is led by The Student Life Team; A group of like-minded staff and volunteers who offer on-campus and online opportunities and connections. By offering valuable experiences outside of the classroom, MITT’s Student Life Team cultivates a campus life built to connect with employers, make new friends, build on their work skills and gain professional experience while studying.

For more information on the Student Life Team and Student Groups, please visit: https://mitt.ca/student-life/student-groups

Interested in Applying at MITT?

Holly Shimaro is the Student Recruiter at MITT and she is ready to help you get started on your journey. Holly will help you figure out where you are on your path and work with you to see you succeed. If you have any questions, reach out to learn more about your program of interest and give you the latest MITT news updates. You can reach out to Holly at the contact information provided below:


Call 204-989-7353 or text 204-400-4723

Apply Now: https://mitt.ca/apply

We asked Holly who should you be following on social media to stay in the loop with industry discussions and she suggests:
  • MITT
  • Apprenticeship Manitoba
  • Skills Canada
  • Skills Canada (Manitoba)
  • Industry-Specific Employers
  • Organization Pages (Chamber of Commerce, Sector Councils, etc.)

“MITT gives students a competitive edge by providing leading-edge technology and training from expert instructors. MITT graduates boast an average employment rate of 88% in their field of study, and alumni have gone on to move and shape Winnipeg’s economic and industrial landscape.”

Live Conversation with Q+A (Recorded on April 20th, 2021)