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Ajibola Akindipe
Academic Liaison
Phone: 204-952-3501

New Media Manitoba

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New Media Manitoba is the Sector Council lead for Information, Communication and Digital Technologies and non-profit industry association dedicated to supporting Manitoba’s Interactive Digital Media (IDM) industry. 

NMM fosters growth in the IDM industry through education and skills training, creating IDM workforce awareness through collaboration with K12 through post secondary, business development and market access support, emerging talent and employment diversity programs, networking and expert-led events, and government advocacy work. 

A Moment with New Media Manitoba

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Meet the Speaker

Albertine Watson
Game Designer at Bunnyhug Games

Contact Information
Ajibola Akindipe
Academic Liaison
Phone: 204-952-3501

Girls in Gaming

Girls in Gaming is dedicated to creating a fun and collaborative space for young women and gender diverse students to explore the technical and creative possibilities of video game development. For teachers who are looking to supplement their curriculum with something fun and creative for students, these workshops are perfect for you! Originally designed for grades 7-9, NMM Girls in Gaming now includes students in K-12 through post-secondary. Our goal is to inspire the next generation of designers, creators, and engineers. For more information about this exciting program visit

What does it take?

It is important that you have focus and that you are continuously learning as technology evolves. Do you have skills in programming, design, critical thinking, collaboration and problem-solving? Add in a little creativity and this is the place for you.

The costs associated with IDM education depend greatly on which degree, which school and which province the courses are offered.

Students can expect a medium to heavy workload, especially if they have not previously engaged in self-training, attended industry-driven high school courses such as Tech Hub. Or events such as game jams and meetups that are open to the public and a great way to connect with like-minded people.

Our Industry provides training, advocacy, and funding for companies in Interactive Digital Media to diversify their teams by hiring more women and people of diverse genders, people with disabilities, indigenous persons, newcomers, and visible minorities and encourages retention of those talents.

Manitoba has a welcoming, vibrant and collaborative IDM community where people and companies contribute to continuous improvement.

Manitoba’s IDM Industry

NMM’s membership consists of individuals and companies whose innovative products and services can be found in video game development, mobile apps, web design/development, virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, transmedia, e-learning, digital health, interactive installations and more.  

Manitoba’s IDM industry has experienced tremendous growth since 2012 when the industry recorded 39M in Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Those numbers grew to over 190M in GDP in 2017.

Since then, the IDM industry in Manitoba has matured, with numerous  showcase examples of scalable innovation, and a diverse range of companies offering a variety of products and services to many different consumer and business markets.  

Indeed, Manitoba’s IDM industry’s growth outlook is extremely positive.   

NMM strives to position Manitoba’s IDM companies on the global stage by advocating for our amazing member companies, collaborating with like-minded organizations, and delivering business development services and advanced industry training with access to funding that drives revenue generation, market expansion, and job creation. 


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