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The Faculty of Education prides ourselves on our Students’ Success

Education Student Stories

Sarah Labadie, 2nd Year Secondary Education student: Founder of Holding Hope, winner of a Terry Fox Humanitarian Award 2021

As a survivor of childhood abuse, Sarah Labadie founded Holding Hope in 2021, which works to raise awareness about the issue of childhood abuse, while providing educational resources and promoting education as a prevention method. She was able to get the month of April proclaimed as Child Abuse Prevention Month in the City of Regina and organized the planting of 763 pinwheels in front of Regina’s City Hall as part of the awareness campaign. She also organized a blue shirt day. In July 2021, Sarah was recipient of one of 16 Terry Fox Humanitarian Award, “a national scholarship valued at up to $28,000. Winners receive $7,000 per year for up to four years as long as they continue their humanitarian work”.

Read the story at  https://leaderpost.com/news/local-news/regina-student-wins-national-award-for-child-abuse-awareness-work   

Amy Brandt: Arts Education student

According to the news item, “Amy Brandt is studying to be an art teacher. Her instructor at the University of Regina challenged the class to create an art project that brought people together in a COVID safe manner. The 19-year-old student texted a few moms she knew in her Cochrane neighbourhood with the idea of starting a sidewalk art weekend event.” The event really took off. 

Read the story at https://calgary.ctvnews.ca/i-m-trying-hard-to-keep-it-colourful-cochrane-kids-take-to-the-sidewalk-in-community-art-event-1.5384848

Bushra Kainat: Fall 2021 recipient of the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation Award

Bushra Kainat graduated with Distinction with her Baccalauréat en éducation secondaire and was the Fall 2021 recipient of the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation Award. Bushra says, “The most significant aspect of earning her degree with the Faculty of Education was that “through this degree, I was able to gain a variety of experiences that helped shape me into the educator that I am becoming. From the variety of in-classroom experiences to the exposure to various learning and teaching environments, it all helped me build my skills as a teacher.” 

Read the story at  https://www2.uregina.ca/education/news/alumni-spotlight-bushra-kainat/ 

Paige Hamann: Founder of Thinking ‘Inside the Box’

Read the story at  https://globalnews.ca/news/7297897/regina-university-student-non-profit-mental-health-sports/ 

Christian Mbanza: Bringing Black history into prairie classroom

Christian Mbanza (BEd’17) who took the French Bacc program says, “As a French education student, in order to develop our skills in French, second-year students spent two full semesters in language and cultural immersion at Laval University. This experience allowed me to grow as a person, student, and a teacher. By far the most memorable experience!”

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Christine Sellinger, BEd’11, BSc’11: Alumni Crowning Achievement Award

Christine Sellinger  “My time at the U of R was transformative,” she says. “I feel that university in general is a time for discovery and I definitely felt that in my time with the U of R through both my studies and extracurricular activities. It gave me a view into the wider world that I was craving and chased after graduation. It gave me a view into the wider world that I was craving and chased after graduation. My university experience gave me a clearer idea of who I am and what I want to and can contribute to help my community thrive.” 

Read the story at  https://alumni.uregina.ca/pages/alumni-awards/2020/Christine

Garrick Schmidt (BEd’20-SUNTEP): Land-based teaching feels like home

Garrick Schmidt (BEd’20-SUNTEP), in the news for land-based teaching. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions and students learning from home, Schmidt has been posting land-based learning videos on social media. Schmidt says, “I felt during these times of chaos and panic that my students, community members, and beyond would benefit from seeing my videos, and the videos would give a sense of routine for my students. I also wanted to create these videos because it is so vital that our youth are taken back to the land to learn traditional skills where family members may not have had the opportunity to pass these on to their children, or where students are in an urban setting and unable to do so as well.” 

Read the story at  https://www2.uregina.ca/education/news/land-based-teaching-feels-like-home/