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For more than 100 years, we’ve been committed to quality post-secondary education. In small classes led by great professors, you’ll be taught practical, career-ready skills in future-focused programs. You’ll also have access to exceptional labs and simulation centers, and have opportunities to participate in research — giving you a solid foundation for higher learning and preparing you for future graduate studies.

Our average class size of 32 students means you will never feel like a number. Your Mount Royal experience will be as unique as you.

About MRU

Why MRU?

Find out why Mount Royal is the right choice for you. Whether it be campus life, the positive and inclusive environment, the future-focused programs, or the amazing professors, you can learn more about what MRU has to offer here.

Programs Offered

Our degree programs in the arts and sciences, health and social services, education, communications and business offer a lot of variety. We also offer diploma programs in aviation and social work, and alternative entrance options for students who may be missing admission requirements, don’t meet the competitive average for a program, or want to explore their academic options.

Our Viewbook

Everything you need to know about MRU at your fingertips. Check out our Viewbook and learn everything you need to know about the application process.

Get Connected

Get connected with our Admissions & Recruitment team. We offer one-on-one admissions plans and support for prospective students.

James Boyko
National Admission & Recruitment Specialist 

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National Admission & Recruitment Specialist 

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Indigenous Admissions & Recruitment Specialist



Why MRU?

No matter what you’re planning next, you can hit the ground running. Mount Royal’s four-year degree programs offer skills that prepare you for your career and academic dreams.

Innovation is Born From a Spark

A sudden change, an instantaneous disruption that often happens when least expected. Bang. That spark lights up a mixing, swirling cloud of ideas and catalyzes them into something different, something unexpected, something that reimagines, reveals and rebuilds. That spark is lit by innovative minds. And we train those minds, right here at MRU. For more than a century, Mount Royal University students have been shaping the society we live in. Whether they’re growing nutrient-rich vegetables in indoor, vertical farms or designing confidence-building clothing from sustainable fabrics, Mount Royal University graduates across all disciplines are learning to develop innovative mindsets to propel them into their future careers.