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Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba is the regulatory body for professional engineers and professional geoscientists in the province, ensuring excellence in engineering, geoscience and applied technology for the public of Maniotba.

What do engineers and geoscientists actually do? And how do you become one?

See how five diverse engineers
spend their working day.

Today, your math & science skills can get you a shirt. Just imagine what it could get you in the future.

Learn how ‘net-zero’targets will boost demand for the next generation of engineers.


Engineers serve people and communities. Engineers problem solve and design for: safe water supply, reliable power, renewable energy, energy efficient buildings and vehicles, sustainable food sources, cures and treatments for cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, protection of the environment, safe transportation, and to help us communicate, create and connect… and much more.

To apply these technologies to real world problems, an engineer uses people skills, relationship building, critical thinking as well as math, science, and technology in their work. Engineers are focused on finding solutions, or creating new, innovative answers to problems communities face.

If you have an interest in team work, problem solving, and making the world a better place, engineering might be the perfect career for you.


Geoscientists promote effective land-use policies needed for the sustainable management of earth resources, protect water sources essential for our survival, locate needed minerals, identify and reduce risks associated with natural hazards like volcano eruptions, earthquakes, floods and landslides.

Geoscientists make the Earth a living laboratory. Depending on their field of practise, a geoscientist may collect samples from the ocean floor, examine rock specimens from space, restore a contaminated site, conduct programs to sense earthquakes, and predict and prevent floods.

If you’re interested in understanding and protecting the Earth and its resources, geoscience might be the right career for you.