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Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters

From the first industrial boom in Canada, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) has been advocating for and representing member interests. Nearly 150 years strong, we have earned an extensive and effective track record of working for and with 2,500 leading manufacturers from coast to coast to help their businesses grow.

Manufacturing is quite diverse and offers a home for everyone from a high school graduate to someone with an MBA. In general, individuals should be problem solvers, great team players and reliable.  Great communication skills are essential.  Our factories are extremely diverse, so respect is essential.  Many jobs have physical demands associated with them, especially on the production floor.

Manufacturing is one of the most diverse industries you will find.  Many manufacturers are family-owned or family-founded and built on principles of equality and respect. These are usually built into their mission statements and infuse policies and culture throughout.

One thing we’ve seen this year is exactly how essential manufacturing is to our everyday life.  We will always have manufacturing jobs, and the way things are moving towards more advanced manufacturing means we will offer more and more exciting careers – very different from traditional manufacturing roles.  One of the best things we saw this last year as manufacturers have the ability to use their people and processes for great good and purpose – this year we created nasal swabs, made hand sanitizer, sewed masks and gowns – none of which any companies expected to do at the outset of 2020.  That is pretty cool.

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