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Thanks for checking us out! You’re likely in the midst of making a lot of big decisions, so we won’t waste your time. We know post-secondary education involves a financial commitment, and as you weigh your options you’ll have some pretty important questions. We’ll do our best to answer them, but off the top, you should know that Providence is a Christ-centered university that integrates faith and learning in the classroom, in residence and in all aspects of community life.

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Dustin Martin


LIVE SPEAKER | Q+A | Tuesday, April 20th @ 11:30 AM – 11:55 AM (Central Time)

Hello, we are Providence.

Transforming students into leaders of character, knowledge and faith, to serve Christ in a changing world.

You’ll get a great education at Providence, and when you graduate you’ll be prepared for a meaningful career in your field of choice. You’ll also have met people from all over the world, tackled some of life’s big issues and grown in knowledge, character and faith.

We like to say our graduates are difference-makers. We’ve seen the impact they continue to make in the world – in their churches, workplaces and communities. We’re excited to see the impact you’ll make as well!

The three or four years you spend pursuing a Bachelor’s degree will not only put you in touch with the Providence community life we’ve already discussed but also with professors who excel in their disciplines and teach from a Christian worldview. Our faculty are thought-leaders in their fields, and several are conducting research and writing books as we speak. Providence professors also care about your spiritual development, and small class sizes mean you can connect with them more meaningfully than in a larger university.

Our Mission: A Christian academic community in the evangelical tradition, Providence teaches people to grow in knowledge and character for leadership and service.

Our Vision: To be identified among Canada’s foremost Christian Universities as a learning community that transforms students into leaders of character, knowledge, and faith, to serve Christ in a changing world.

Our Values: Christ First, Diversity of Thought, Community, Exploration, Academic Excellence.

Areas of Study

  • Aviation
  • Business Administration
  • Communications & Media
  • General Biology
  • Health Science
  • Psychology
  • Social Science
  • TESOL (Teaching English)

Admissions Deadline: August 2021

All of our programs have general courses and specific courses. General courses include some open electives, meaning that you choose any course that interests you. Specific courses are those that are important for your program of study.

Campus Life

If any of these matter to you, then you would enjoy your time as a student at Providence:

  • Prefer studying in a small university setting
  • Live in a rural campus, where they can focus on their studies and on building relationships
  • Want to be known by their professors by name
  • Want to grow in their faith in Christ as they gain knowledge in their field
  • Value community, listening to different perspectives and exploring such perspectives
  • Want to be challenged

Providence is all about community. From the first day you move into residence, you will have the opportunity to meet your fellow students through the different events we plan for Welcome Week.

Our intramurals are quite popular, specifically floor hockey, flag football. We also have a choir, two worship music bands. We have several committees that you can join depending on your interest, such as in Communications, Spiritual Life, Student Life, etc.

Academic Advisors

Academic Advisors are available via email, Zoom call, or in office.

Office hours for each professor are different and are posted on the syllabus (a document that shows you what will be covered in the course, what textbooks are needed, what the assignments are and when they are due, etc).

Living On Campus & Student Supports

If you require special accommodation, we take the time to learn what those accommodations are and will create a plan to help you succeed. Because we are a small university, your professor is very likely to be accommodating of you. 

We have approximately 100 students who live in residence. Everyone gets to know everyone! We eat together, study together, worship together, grow together. It is a tight-knit community. We also have a professor, who is the faculty in residence, who lives in one of the residential buildings with his family. He puts up various events for residence students, such as movie nights, snacks, book clubs. You really get to know your fellow students who come from different backgrounds, different countries even.

We have residence buildings on-campus where students can share a room. Our dining hall serves one of the best university food experiences you will ever have (a full buffet-style meal with over eight options for your main course, dessert, an international section, a salad bar, ice cream bar, soups, pizzas, a deli, salads). Some apartments are available on-campus for older students as well.

Tuition & Funding

Yearly tuition and additional expenses come to $10,395 per year (if you take 10 courses per year). The only cost not included is the cost of your textbooks.


We offer one of the highest academic entrance scholarships, from $1500 (if your high school academic average is 80% at least) to $3,500 towards your first year! We have program-specific scholarships such as the full-year tuition-free scholarship for Business Administration students and a $10,000 President’s Scholarship! You may be eligible to receive a $500 bursary if you are recommended by your guidance counsellor

The program-specific scholarships will require a separate application. The automatic entrance scholarships are automatic of course!

Take the Next Step

We welcome you to subscribe to our YouTube channel to learn more about us! 

Email, Zoom call, Text!

You can contact us at and we will get in touch with you through whatever method you are most comfortable with.

You will be assigned a person from the Enrollment team who will walk with you through the inquiry, application and registration process.

If you can provide your name, email address, grade, high school, a program of interest, cell phone number, I will reach out to you so we can talk about your plans and even invite your parents to join in the conversation. The more we know about you, the better we can help you!

You can contact Dustin Martin, at

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