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MB Healthcare Providers Network

Manitoba Healthcare Providers Network

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MB Healthcare Providers Network is connecting Health Care Professionals with Career Opportunities in Manitoba, Canada.

The Manitoba Healthcare Providers Network website is a portal connecting healthcare providers with information and opportunities for those pursuing a career in health care in the province of Manitoba.

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MB Healthcare Providers Network x Partners

Connecting You with Opportunities in Manitoba

The MB Healthcare Providers Network is partners with the five regional health authorities as well as Ongomiizwin Indigenous Institute of Health and Healing, CancerCare Manitoba and Diagnostic Services – Shared Health.

Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority

Northern Regional Health

Prairie Mountain Health

Southern Health-Sante Sud

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority

CancerCare Manitoba

Shared Health – Diagnostic Services

Ongomiizwin Health Services

Health Care Careers

Our office promotes health careers. We have information on a wide range of careers such as doctor, nurse, physiotherapist, social worker, paramedic, and more.

We offer job shadowing opportunities to students who might be interested in learning more about a certain health career.

All of the regional health authorities in Manitoba offer practicums and summer employment to medical students, nursing students, and allied health students.

Manitoba is a unique, rewarding and sometimes challenging province with diverse opportunities for healthcare practitioners.

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