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James Murphy
Phone: 204-272-5093

Manitoba Construction Sector Council

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The Manitoba Construction Sector Council (MSCS), the industry’s human resource council, acts as a federation of its current five industry and indigenous advocacy associations. In developing the future potential of the organization, a new robust network of partnerships in communities will enhance its capacity to meet its vision of the future. 

Promote the Construction Sector as a career of choice.

Engage industry to identify skill and training gaps.

Delivers skills-based training.

Deliver immersive training technology.

A Moment with MSCS

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Meet the Speakers

James Murphy + Ramir Diaz
Pre-Recorded Guest Speaker – Watch the BCS Live Feed

Contact Information
James Murphy
Phone: 204-272-5093

About the Construction Trade

With Manitoba Construction Sector Council

Vision: A skilled workforce that meets Manitoba’s construction sector needs.

Mission: To strengthen Manitoba’s construction sector workforce by promoting the construction industry as a career of choice and through high-value training programs to address current and future skills and training gaps.

Careers in the construction trades can lead to economic freedom, personal confidence and growth. A career in the construction trades can offer a secure and fulfilling future. There are many opportunities for advancement. A great sense of pride imaging seeing the final results of a building or road project that you have contributed to, its something you can brag about to your children and grandchildren.

Women in Construction

The culture in the construction industry is changing, it is more diverse with more women and visible minorities pursuing a career in construction.

More women are leading the way at the head of construction companies, this has helped with barriers and stigma, historically, the construction trades have been a non-traditional career path for women resulting in an under-representation of women in the trades. It continues to be a male-dominated industry although women are increasingly entering the trade as they are becoming more aware of what a career in the construction trades can offer and an awareness that they are equally as capable as men to work in the industry.

Would you be willing to start at the bottom and work your way up?

You start off as a labourer and work your way up to an apprentice and journeyperson to becoming your own boss. 

Working in construction requires teamwork and being able to work with others. Being detail-oriented and a problem solver with a creative and imaginative mind could help you earn above-average salaries.

Trade Up Manitoba

Desire, dedication and determination just like all professions, you get out of it what you put in. Due to the nature of the work in construction, it could be physically demanding, labour intensive and hazardous. This has influenced a societal perception that the construction trades are only for men, however, this attitude is changing, women and people of colour are being encouraged and supported in the trades if they are willing and prepared to take on the challenges. 

Please visit our Trade Up Manitoba website and listen to our Trade Talk videos of tradespeople talking about what it is like on a typical day working in the trades.


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