Brandon Career Symposium

Virtual Event

it takes less than 2 minutes to register + it’s free

Join us April 20 + 21 for our Annual Brandon Career Symposium – with a twist!

That’s right, we’re going virtual, it’s free, and everyone is invited.

For two days on 20-21st of April, The Brandon Career Symposium will stream live Q + A’s, speakers, industry-specific articles, tips, tricks, guidance, networking, and more to help take your future to the next step.

The all-in-one career expedition will show you tried and true opportunities specific to Manitoba and the surrounding areas. We’ll share a cloud of career possibilities, job openings, and resources, and help you network your way into different industries.




We encourage schools and teachers to register their class as a whole so that we can provide relevant information to the instructors before, during, and after the event.

Once a class is registered with the teacher, we encourage all students to register individually to help us build the best event experience for everyone.


  • Identified as a Class
  • 2 Days of Live Speakers and Interactive Content
  • Access Live Q + A’s
  • Classroom Activities + Worksheets
  • Weekly Updates Leading up to the Event
  • Resources for Students + Teachers
  • and More!


To create and grow our event to be catered specifically to each attendee, we encourage individual registration from students, teachers, community members, parents, etc.

We will be able to provide specific info curated just for you. The more we know about you and your dreams for your future, the better we can help you succeed.


  • Identified as an Attendee
  • 2 Days of Live Speakers and Interactive Content
  • Access Live Q + A’s
  • Personal Activities + Worksheets
  • Weekly Updates Leading up to the Event
  • Curated Resources
  • Specific Information to Your Areas of Interest

Why Register?

By registering, you’re helping us curate the event specifically for you! The more we know about our guests, the more we’ll be able to get you the right information, inspire your individual dreams and ambitions.

As a teacher, registering your class will help us prepare information and day of event activities for your event and how your students will be partaking in it. You’ll receive exclusive tips and tricks to get the most out of this experience.

As an individual, registering yourself will help us curate content that will help you get the answers you need, connect you with the right people, and provide clear-cut information to push your career forward.

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