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Kevin Maynard
Vice-President, COO
Phone: 416-968-2236 ext.222

Canadian Foundation for Economic Education

Education, Post-Secondary

The CFEE team works hard to promote and assist enhanced career development capability, financial capability, economic capability and enterprise capability among all Canadians.

The Canadian Foundation of Economic Education (CFEE) is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that works collaboratively with our funding partners, departments of education, school boards, schools, educators, and teacher associations to develop and provide free, non-commercial programs and resources for teachers and students – developed and reviewed by educators. CFEE also has a range of programs to assist newcomers to Canada as they look to settle and integrate into their new country.

A Moment with the CFEE

Categories: Education, Post-Secondary, Business x Finance, Human x Social Services

Meet the Speaker

Kevin Maynard
Vice-President, COO

Contact Information
Kevin Maynard
Vice-President, COO
Phone: 416-968-2236 ext.222

Economical, Financial & Enterprising Capabilities

Empower Your Economic Knowledge and Skills

Empower Canadians with the knowledge and skills needed to improve their economic, financial and enterprising capabilities.

Work in collaboration with key stakeholders, governments, the private sector, schools and teachers, community service agencies, and immigrant-serving organizations in the areas of curriculum, teacher development, training and resources, as required.

Improve career development and choice, job planning, decision making, and access to opportunity.

Support improvements in economic, financial and enterprising capability with free and readily available resources, information, tools and training.

Featured Programs

Talk with our kids about money: supports parents and teachers in helping kids learn about money and develop important financial skills

Money and Youth Guide:

serves as a guide to financial literacy for youth aged 14 and up – but also serves as a primer for adult, especially parents and teachers who often assume responsibilities for helping children improve their financial capability:

My Money My Future National Competition:

CFEE is partnering with CIBC to challenge youth across Canada to create new tools and resources to help young Canadians improve their financial knowledge, skills and capability. We are reaching out to high school students aged 14-18, in all subject areas, to apply their creativity, skills, and passion to develop a new learning resource to help us teach important financial knowledge and skills to youth. This innovative peer-to-peer learning program aims to promote and apply a sense of fun and creativity to an important life skill – financial literacy.

My Money, My Future | Canadian Foundation for Economic Education (

NextGEn Edition of the globe and mail:

On a daily basis, articles are selected from the Globe and Mail that are relevant to youth. Articles cover a broad range of subjects from business, the economy, and entrepreneurship to money, the environment, politics and careers.

A Commitment to Financial Success

CFEE also works internationally with organizations such as the OECD in Paris, Child and Youth Finance International in Amsterdam, and the Association of Asia Pacific Companies (APEC). Overall, CFEE’s work primarily focuses on youth but also aspires to help people of all ages be better prepared to undertake their economic roles, responsibilities, and decisions with confidence and competence.

Individuals need to acquire relevant economic, financial and enterprising life skills for success.

Our democracy and economy are enhanced by economically and financially literate citizens.

A commitment to non-partisanship is essential in all the work that we do.

Interests, perspectives, and needs are diverse and often require different solutions.

Ongoing assessment is essential for continuous improvement.

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