Our Misson

Provide an event for youth in Westman to explore careers and education that will better prepare them for our evolving provincial labour market.

Who We Are

The Brandon Career Symposuim is an opportunity to discover and explore educational and career opportunities. Our goal is to introduce students, new comers, and adults to new ideas and present them with the information needed to be successful in their future.

2020 marks the 35th year for this initiative, which is held annually at The Kestyone Centre in Brandon, Manitoba, and sees students and participants from all over the province. Last year we introduced new ideas and activities, including entrepreneurial speakers, not-for-profit organizations, and a career centre where visitors can seek tips and tricks from industry professionals. Not only will we continue these new initiatives, but we will be adding more to the experience this year.

Interactive Media Arts Partnership

The Interactive Media Arts (IMA) students at the Assiniboine Community College, have been buildling and maintaining our website for the the past five years. Annually, a team of IMA students helps the BCS coordinator prepare written content, print materials, user experience, and social media content in anticipation of the symposium.

LIn 2019, the IMA students designed and developed our new and improved website, and rebranded our organization to meet new demographic needs and showcase who we are and what our mission is. Thanks to Shelby Mymko, Joiri Gibb and Sean Casselman for their work on this project.


Recruit interactive exhibitors to deliver up-to-date industry knowledge to our participants.


Collabortate with local businesses and school divisions to provide an opportunity for our community to grow.


Design and maintain an uplifting environment where participants can discover optimistic futures and feel encouraged to follow their dreams.

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